172nd / 190th Corridor Plan

Project Documents

General Project Information

Project Roadmap

Project Storyboard


Technical Memos

TM#2.1 - Public Involvement Plan

TM#2.2 – Stakeholder Interview Summary

TM#2.3 – Public Involvement Summary

Appendix for TM#2.3 – Public Involvement Summary (Right Click and Save As...)

TM#3.1 – Policy and Plan Review

TM#3.2 – Purpose and Need

TM#4.1 – Existing Transportation Conditions Analysis

TM#4.2 – Existing Infrastructure

TM#4.3 – Future Transportation Conditions Analysis

TM#5.1 – Preliminary Natural Resources

TM#5.2 – Preliminary Historical and Cultural Resources

TM#5.3 – Preliminary Hazardous Materials Reconnaissance

TM#5.4 – Socio Economic and Land Use Reconnaissance

TM#5.5 – Biological Resources

TM#5.6 – Wetlands and Water Resources

TM#5.7 – Historical and Cultural Resources

TM#5.8 – Hazardous Materials Reconnaissance

TM#5.9 – Soils and Geological Resources

TM#5.10 – Air Quality Analysis

TM#5.11 – Noise Analysis

TM#6.1 – Design Criteria

TM#6.2 – Initial Design Concepts

Summary of Concept Feedback Received - Workshop #3

TM#7.1 - Refined Corridor Alignment Concepts

TM#7.2 - Most Promising Roadway Alignment Alternatives

TM#8.1 - Transportation Analysis of Alternatives

TM#8.2 - Three Most Promising Corridor Alignment Alternatives

TM#8.3 - Preferred Alternative

TM#9.2 - County Ordinance Language

TM#9.3 - City Ordinance Language

Corridor Management Plan (Final)

Corridor Management Plan

Appendix A - Environmental Baseline Report

Environmental Baseline Report

Appendix B - Analysis of Preferred Alternative

Analysis of Preferred Alternative

Appendix C - Design Documentation of Preferred Build Alternative

15% Concept Plan Set - General (Index and Typical Roadway Sections)

15% Concept Plan Set - Alignment Alternative AT2

15% Concept Plan Set - SE 172nd Avenue

15% Concept Plan Set - SE Foster Road

15% Concept Plan Set - SE Cheldelin Road

15% Concept Plan Set - SE Tillstrom Road

15% Concept Plan Set - SE Hemrick Road

15% Concept Plan Set - Bridges and Culverts

Appendix D - Ordinance Language

County Ordinance Language - Comprehensive Plan

County Ordinance Language - Zoning and Development Ordinance

City Ordinance Language

Appendix E - Corridor Centerline Survey

Corridor Centerline Survey